35 Environmental DIY Lighting for Home Decor

The earth is the only home on which our human beings live. In this home, man is the master of the earth. In addition to our human beings, there are many living materials. These creatures live in the same environment with us and form this big family together. We need to protect the environment and recycle the things to do other meaningful things, for example, a DIY lamp. So I will show you how to do a DIY environmental friendly and fashionable creative lamp holder. Preparation materials: discarded wine bottles; outdated calendars (or their favorite cardboard). lamp caps removed from…

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40+ Best Christmas Tree Decor Ideas & Inspirations for 2019

A glorious Christmas tree is not only the focus of your Christmas decorations, but is often the singular addition that truly breathes life into every Christmas celebration. The most fun thing about Christmas is decorating. And Christmas tree is a centerpiece and focal point of your decorations. You might need some ideas about how to decorate your tree this year and transform your home into a magical place of Christmas joy. We curated the best Christmas tree decoration ideas that we could find on Pinterest. Check out four of our favorite Christmas tree looks to inspire your holiday decorating, you…

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35 DIY Toys Suitable For You And Baby Work Together

Educator Sumlinski said: “Children’s intelligence is on his fingertips.” It can be seen that training children’s practical ability is an effective means to develop children’s intelligence. Toys are the partners of every preschool child. This paper illustrates that in the process of self-made toys teaching, children can experience the interesting, operational and practical nature of toys, and learn to think, explore and create on their own initiative. All kinds of cases of self-made toys also show that children’s communication activities constitute the social network of children’s interpersonal relationships, learn to share and cooperate with peers and other interpersonal skills, and…

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37 Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Need To Know

Breakfast is the most important meal of three meals a day. Nutrition or not directly affects the mental state of the whole day. A healthy and reasonable breakfast is conducive to maintaining the health of the body function and making people energetic. So if you are interested, pleased read on. No breakfast is harmful to digestive system. Normally, food eaten the night before enters the intestine from the stomach after about six hours. If you don’t have a good breakfast the next day, gastric acid and various digestive enzymes in the stomach will “digest” the gastric mucous. In the long…

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41 Creative DIY Fall Decorations For Harvest

It’s autumn again. Years go round and round like life. It’s cold winter after autumn. Campus trees are uneven, one by one yellow leaves, but not seen falling. Autumn is a colorful season, autumn is a poetic season, and autumn is a fruitful season full of harvest. In the field, yellow orange and orange rice laughed and stooped. At a glance, the whole field became a golden ocean. A gust of wind blew, and the Golden Ocean danced with the wind, and golden patches surged up. Even if it marks the end of summer fun, autumn brings its own mystery…

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36 Wonderful Painted Clothes Make You Unique

Polypropylene pigments are recommended for use in large art shops. Clothes can be ironed after drawing. When drawing, the pen should not be too wet. Pad the newspaper under the pattern of clothes and tightly clamp it to stretch the clothes. If it is too dilute, the diffusion of the pigment is not easy to control. If it is too thick, the pigment cannot be absorbed into the depth of the fiber, it is easy to fade. The use of overhead tables and projectors will make the drawing process more convenient. People without transcription tables can use glass tables and…

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