37 Makeup Looks Match Your Curls To Capture The Sight

No matter where you are going or what you are doing, it may take some time to make up. A good way to ensure the right impression is to carefully consider your details. You’ve chosen clothing and accessories and it took a long time to make sure your makeup is correct, but how do you choose the hairstyle that best suits your makeup? For example, if you make two French braids and end with a beautiful butterfly, then you will need cute makeup to match your look. You should understand that if a good makeup is matched with an inappropriate…

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35 Color-rich Eye Makeup Designs for Women 2020

Eye makeup is an essential element of makeup. How to draw a good eyebrow, eyeliner, eye shadow? These need to pay attention to a lot. And when drawing eye shadow, especially when drawing eye shadow with heavy makeup, we need to consider not only the shape of the eye but also the color matching. Bright colors are often difficult to control, such as bright blue and bright purple. If you like these colors but it’s hard to use them, take a look at today’s recommendations. If you like these colors but it’s hard to use them, take a look at…

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