40 Warm Fall Nail Design Make You Cute

Autumn is coming soon. I wonder if you fairies are ready for autumn clothes and stocking up good goods. Today, let’s look at some nails that are suitable for autumn. Still hesitate to change what kind of nail, both can appear atmospheric and pale, but also look tender. I’ve tidied up a lot of autumn manicures for you today. Let’s take a look at them. Many girls have a big misunderstanding. They think that the nails with color will appear black several degrees. In fact, it’s not like this. Do you see some nails in the picture? They are rich…

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Why should short nails be made of nails?

Many short-legged mushrooms are not willing to do nail art. They think that making nails is a patent that looks good and slender. In fact, compared with long nails, short nails should be more nail art. Many girls like to put some blingbling small diamonds, sequins and other small accessories on their nails, but for short and small nails, too many or too large accessories will make the nails look smaller, not only Tired and it will look dirty. There is also such a dark color, the surface of the nail looks dirty and small, even if the edge of…

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